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Building your own home is one of the highlights and greatest achievements of life. It is often worthwhile to take good, reliable and safe building materials for a unique and significant investment. That's why the heart of the home comes from good design.

Choose Liunes interior doors to build quality space for your use. Liunes finished parts are durable building materials. Building with Liune is efficent and controlled.

Did you know that Liunes door slides inside a normal-sized partition wall? So it does not need that thick of a wall, just an ordinary one is enough. It creates more space because it doesn't need to turn.

Liune is a product of Aulis Lundell Oy and we are a Finnish family owned company. We are the largest producer of partition wall profiles in Finland, so you can rely on our deliveries.

Liune has features that make it completely unique.

  • Professional product, manufactured to domestic standards. The element is designed to fit within the normal thickness of a 66mm partition frame.
  • Domesticity also brings security to deliveries.
  • Our element arrives fully assembled and packed ready to be immediately installed, also all the way to your construction site.
  • The sound insulation is up to 30% better than a standard swing door. Door model Pyyni (Liune D18) is our actual sound-technical door, and it has its own class for demanding targets.

You can book your very own tour to see the collection of our Liune interior doors,  Tarrankuja 2, 08500 Lohja (open 8 am - 4 pm, call +358 207 341 400 to confirm time with the seller).



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