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Saving space

With Liune, the door leaf slides into the wall structure. If necessary, the door is never in the way, because it can be locked to its position inside the door structure. That means that there is no need to leave empty space in the adjacent rooms on either side of the doorway. A door leaf that has slid open will also not be visible. 1-3 m2 of space per door is freed for active use, as compared to a regular hinged door.

Thus, Liune corresponds to the requirements of the floor plans of energy efficient houses, for example, which aim for a compact whole that meets the accessibility requirements. 

Liune is the answer to pure accessibility, and you can use all the space to its full extent. Liune gives space completely under your control.

Saving space with Liune


Liune door solutions do not have a threshold, so moving from room to room is effortless. Liune meets the accessibility requirements of residential houses already at the size Li08, i.e. with the width of an unobstructed passageway being 810 mm.

The doors move lightly and sturdily, and the structure is very durable. That is why Liune is suitable both for families with kids and senior homes. It is possible to have the doors automated, controlled by a remote, a motion sensor, or a button.

According to accessibility regulations, residential houses now have to have more floor space planned for the kitchen and the bathroom. This decreased the areas of an apartment’s living room or bedrooms; and in this case, Liune sliding doors are very suitable as a door between the bedroom and the living room, as well as a wardrobe door.

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