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Reliable Finnish production and delivery

Liune door elements quickly to the construction site

  • Finnish production: Every product is manufactured and delivered reliably, certainly, and without interruptions or delays

  • Despite all Covid-19 special arrangements, the material sources for us are ensured. Our production is in Uusimaa, Finland, and the supply chain is in the vicinity. Even in this special situation, we can deliver our products reliably, confidently, and without any distractions or delays.

    1. There will be no delays caused by our products in worksites
    2. Our staff obeys very strict hygiene regulations 
    3. We work securely and safely
    4. Our clerks prefer telecommuting and teleconferences

    Please do not hesitate to contact us in any cases. 

Liune door frames and door leaves are made in Finland

Beautiful catalogue and hints for interior designs

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