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Liune interior door benefits

Liune pays for itself

The price of Liune cannot be compared to a standard swing door because it is a completely different partition door. Liune is handmade in Finland and it's of high quality and always includes a carpentry door and a pattern protected pre-welded steel element that is easy to install.

The sliding door that slides into the wall of the loft is an investment not only in the ease and accessibility of living but also for the apartment.

When you have Liune, you get access to all the expensive squares. You can decorate as you like without caring about a swinging door getting in your way.

One Liune gives one to three additional squares in use. Remember that Liune is suitable for both; new construction and renovation. Particularly in renovation projects, the extra space obtained with the help of Liune seems particularly valuable.

The average price per square meter of a new block of flats on its own site in 2019 in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area was € 6517 *. Knowing that Liune will provide all of the swinging doorway squares, in terms of money; one Liune gives you up to 3x6517 € = 19,551 € .

Can you afford to leave the expensive squares on the swinging door, or do you prefer to invest in getting all the space available? 

Liune gives you all the space

*Source: Statistics Finland - stat.fi

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