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Liune door accessories


With the right accessories, you can create Liune door suitable just for your needs. See the wide range in our brochure, starting from page 52.

Handles and locks

The Liune handle collection is compact and beautiful. Thanks to its embedded handle Liune hides completely inside the wall, and the doorway is fully at your disposal. The
protruding handles of the handle collection remain visible, handle taking approx. 10 cm from the door opening keeping Liune visible.

The Liune lock models are compatible with both glass and solid massive doors and are selectable to fit the decor and meet even the toughest and strictest requirements. The embedded lock models L1, L4, L8, L10, L11, L12 and L13 allow the door leaf to slide completely into the wall. The protruding lock models L2, L5, L6, and L9 stay visible when the door is open.

More information about some Liune Door Accessories 


Beautiful catalogue and hints for interior designs

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