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Element ready for installation


Delivery always includes

  • Finished and welded Quick Frame wall element, which the door slides inside to
  • Sliding door
  • Doorway frames

The Liune frame is installed at the same time as the wall frame is being installed and then, its finished like a normal partition wall structure.

Liune has the only design-protected and pre-assembled door element on the market, which means that installation can start immediately. The frame strips are already dimensioned to the specified size.

The frame depth of the wall has been developed in accordance with Finnish building regulations, starting with a frame thickness of 66 mm.

Our door elements are made of strong galvanized steel, and it thus belongs to the M1 class in terms of indoor air classification.


The functionality of the doors is ensured by installing the element, door and frames correctly. Please read the installation instructions before starting the installation and follow the instructions. The installation istructions are here.

To avoid the most common installation errors, check the straightness and cleanliness of the element before placing partition walls. Even the slightest rectangular error can cause problems with the sliding of the door. The element is sturdy and gives the door a good sliding pocket.

If construction becomes inconvenient, you can always turn to professionals.

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