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Special high Liune door Design D16

Extra high doors

Extra high doors are a part of modern construction.

Our door model Design (LD16) is an assembly of extra high doors. Design door sizes are available in 2300, 2400, 2500 or 2600 mm high.



Surface of doors and frames

The color range

Our door collection is extensive, and our standard white mdf doors are also available in color. They can be tinted with the shades found on Tikkurila's color map, or even with chalkboard paint. Similarly, the frames can be individually tinted.

Corner doors make it easy to separate even a small space, for example a bedroom, and by opening the doors the space becomes uniform.

Wood veneer doors have their own matching frames, so the style remains consistent throughout.

In addition, the doors can be fitted with for example, kick boards to protect against heavy use.

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